Parenting is a topic that comes up frequently in all configurations of psychotherapy.

In individual, couple, or group therapy, issues around parenting can be the foucus your sessions: the decision-making process relating to having a child, concern about your child's academic or social difficulties, deciding about custody arrangements in a divorce, or how to talk about divorce to your child, grief over the illness or loss of a child, or joy about her growth and development.

Parenting---or thinking about becoming a parent---has a way of insinuating itself into almost everyone's sessions. My training in early childhood and adolescent development serves me well in these instances, but especially well when parenting is the reason someone comes to see me in the frst place.

Over the years I've developed specialized group opportunities to discuss these issues for couples considering parenthood as well as those who are expecting. These were offered first through Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital's maternity education service, and are now available through my private practice. Please check to see if there is a place for you in one of these settings, or let me know about the issue you're attempting to deal with.