Becoming divorced is one of the stages in life that causes more upheaval than any other. Where you live, how you spend your day, what you expect from the future, who your friends are---all these things transform themselves into problems, when before they were simply---your life. When children are involved the issues you face become even more crucial, since the ones who depend on you for stability are now at the mercy of the disarray around them.

I work in many areas of the divorce process, starting with my group, "Women and Divorce." This group meets every Thursday night at 6:30, provides an opportunity for support and education, and is invaluable to the women who have been coming.

In divorces that are not high-conflict, I frequently I work with parents who, though separating, are invested in developing as unified a parenting plan as possible. The bonus is that these consultations also help them come to terms with some of the the emotional fall-out of the divorce experience.

I also help adolescents work through some of the anger, disappointment, and pain of losing the family they've known all their lives, and facilitate their acceptance and transition to their own new life stage.

Both men and women often use individual psychotherapy as a way to cope with the divorce process. The ones who come to me are often surprised at how much they grow as human beings, and at how much more they like the person they are creating from what only recently seemed like personal wreckage.