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single motherhood

While writing my doctoral dissertation on the choice of single motherhood it struck me that my research could easily be developed into a tool to help and support women like the ones I was studying.

I designed a six-session seminar to help single women explore the decision to conceive and raise a child alone. This led to ten years of fascinating experiences and many new, happy, and productive single-parent families. Though of course not all the women who participated in the series went on to have a child on their own, in the end, each woman had confidence in the fact that she took from the experience what she needed in order to do the right thing for herself, and herself alone.

I'm excited to be offering this group experience again, as well as individual consultations for women who want to conceive through donor insemination or adoption. Though the idea of raising a child as a single woman is nothing so unusual these days, support, education, and awareness are all still viable and necessary factors in the equation, and it's my pleasure to be a part of this.